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The purpose of this document is to provide a comprehensive listing of html tags understood by Xmosaic, in one place. And to be used to write HTML documents.

This is based on a selective reverse engineer of Mosaic2.1 and an amalgamation of the HTML help documents, No guarantees about accuracy of information is given as I havent figured everything out yet.

Examples are not always provided. In case of confusion please look at the source of this document.

This version is posted with the colour gifs stripped out as I didnt want to uuencode and post them.

Ive done a few non-standard things to get images in headings, and I know it's not a particularly elegant method.

There is still a lot to do, if there are any errors please let me know as soon as possible.

Distributed under the GNU copyleft (any version of your choice) Please don't distribute modified copies as the information is still being assembled

HTML Codes

Document structure

base, title, link, head, body, nextid.


a, address, blockquote, b, cite, code, dir, dfn, dl, dd, dt, e, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, img, i, kbd, li, menu, ol, p, pre, sample, s, tt, ul, var


listing, plaintext, xmp


br, comments, form, hr, input, isindex, option, select, strike, textarea,

Documented Features

Obsolete features.

Undocumented features.

These features are all poorly documented.

Incomplete information

This section details the areas I am unable to find more information about. any information will be gratefully received. Please send working examples me

character codes

&aacute .... á    &acirc  .... â    &aelig  .... æ
&agrave .... à    &amp    .... &    &aring  .... å
&atilde .... ã    &auml   .... ä    &ccedil .... ç
&eacute .... é    &ecirc  .... ê    &egrave .... è
&eth    .... ð    &euml   .... ë    &gt     .... >
&iacute .... í    &icirc  .... î    &igrave .... ì
&iuml   .... ï    &lt     .... <    &ntilde .... ñ
&oacute .... ó    &ocirc  .... ô    &ograve .... ò
&oslash .... ø    &otilde .... õ    &ouml   .... ö
&quot   .... "    &szlig  .... ß    &thorn  .... þ
&uacute .... ú    &ucirc  .... û    &ugrave .... ù
&uuml   .... ü    &yacute .... ý    &yuml   .... ÿ

Internal images

 internal-gopher-binary     internal-gopher-index
 internal-gopher-image      internal-gopher-menu
 internal-gopher-movie      internal-gopher-sound
 internal-gopher-text       internal-gopher-telnet

Other useful documents

A beginners guide to html
Amiga Mosaic pages
Darmstädt sgml ftp archive
Elements of HTML
HTML widget help
Motif faq
www Newsgroup


I can be contacted at the following places.


A B C D F H I L M O P S T W ?


about the author text areas


block quotes inserting a line-break


special character codes inserting comments


displaying images


Forms - input fields - text areas - pull down menus - processing text formatting styles - address field - bold face - cited text - source code - definitions field - emphasised text - fixed width - italic face - user input style - strong face - struck out - variable name


header levels horizontal lines


image alignment displaying images searching indices other sources of information input - default fields - text panel - submit buttons - reset buttons - radio buttons internal images image maps


header levels horizontal lines inserting a line-break links - named tag in document - local file - file on a http server - ftp server - news server/group - gopher server - wais server lists - accross the page - of descriptions - title - elements - list elements - numbered - not numbered - of paragraphs literal character strings


image maps pull down menu


obsolete features - XMP tag - PLAINTEXT tag - LISTING tag


form processing paragraphs preformatted text pull down menu - elements of Purpose of document


searching indices other sources of information special character codes text formatting styles - address field - bold face - cited text - source code - definitions field - emphasised text - fixed width - italic face - user input style - strong face - struck out - variable name


text areas Document title


other sources of information


connecting to wais servers


contributors welcome on the following - BASE tag - processing FORMS

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